po! facilitates creating sustainable entrepreneurship development in the area of ICT especially first generation entrepreneurs. Nurturing the innovative ideas to commercially viable business prepositions. Encouraging commercialization of R&D outputs into commercial ventures.

Harness the expertise of our sponsor Knowmatics Automata in extending hand holding of start-up companies to become successful enterprises. Networking between R & D and industry Target beneficiaries.

Primary target groups:

Persons who would like to become an entrepreneur or have founded an enterprise. Groups of researchersī nearby universities who are partially financed by an industrial partner in-charge and who develop products adapted to this partnerīs needs Students or ideally potential employees of start-ups, who are in need of some practical training in the industry. People who have an established credibility in the industry and would subsequently like to start product development on their own.

Secondary target groups :

Investors, who financially commit themselves to researchers' groups as well as to the start-ups at the Incubator. Clients and sales partners who are interested in cooperation with researchers' groups and start-ups at the Incubator. Industrial enterprises, universities and private training institutions who are interested to transfer their know-how within the qualifying offers of the Incubator and mediate their clients